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Downtown Tallinn

Tallinn, my new hometown, has inspired me a lot - also in terms of photography. Having lived in Helsinki and in Rome, I can sincerely recommend Tallinn as a place to settle as well.

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Some random photos:
345492 - Courtyard 345302 - Skyscraper through skyscraper 345533 - Town Hall 343624 - Lady with heavy burden 343621 - Long boot

Photos from: Slovakia, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, United States, Italy and Slovenia

Some of the most beautiful landscapes I saw between March 2004 and August 2004 (the time I have had a digital camera).

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Some random photos:
340076 - Joshua tree 342610 - Spruces 340770 - Delicate Arch 342983 - Tatra mountains 340664 - Defiant rock

Macchia Grande

Macchia Grande is a WWF site just a kilometer from Rome Fiumicino airport. Although millions of travelers travel accross it every year, its peace isn't too much disturbed by the low-sliding aeroplanes. These photos were taken within 3 hours, giving an idea of what Italian nature has to offer - ...

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Some random photos:
341799 - Bush cricket 341795 - Small tortoise 341885 - Dragonfly from top 341896 - Dragonfly from side 341857 - Big birds

Capturing Italy

Millions of people come to Italy to capture buildings, paintings, people... Taking photos of them felt like a natural thing to do.

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Some random photos:
341397 - Pentax at work 341370 - Video by Sony 341448 - Canon trying to go wide 341445 - Hidden camera 341457 - Pentax with style

True Life
Photos from: Norway, Finland, Italy, Greece and Mexico

This exhibition features people the way I have seen them, no poses. In true life, people are shiny, happy - or something else.

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Some random photos:
20000503_21 - Texan in cold 20031103_33 - Morning jog 20020301_27 - Coolio 20010404_14 - Senior couple on senior vehicle 20020505_08 - Happy lad

Photos from: Italy, Greece and Finland

Selected photos from my recently scanned films (about 50 rolls scanned, hundreds to go). Most of the photos are from 2003.

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Some random photos:
20020517_01 - The Cathedral of Helsinki 20021008_03 - Freezing cat 20020608_34 - Man on pier 20030904_16 - Car smiling 20030306_10 - Crater

Stromboli-Vulcano-Northern Sicily

Photos from my journey to Stromboli, Vulcano and Northern Sicily in March 2003.

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Some random photos:
20030302_23 - Strombolicchio 20030303_07 - Hot lava 20030309_07 - Cactus artwork 20030304_01 - Sun going to crater 20030314_07 - Amphitheatre

Fauna and Flora
Photos from: Italy, Greece, United States, Finland, Seychelles and Germany

An exhibition of photographs of fauna and flora - mainly smallish animals and flowers. Normally I prefer not to crop photographs digitally. In this gallery, however, in some cases cropping has been applied :(. The simple reason for this is my inadequate macro equipment. Many of the photos have been taken ...

(62 photos)

Some random photos:
Crab and Mussels 1 Poppies Frog Monitoring Swallowtail on thistle Flower Through Flower

Matter Faces Time
Photos from: Italy, Monaco, Greece and Finland

Matter doesn't live and breath. Still, it faces time and everything time brings with it. In some cases, time doesn't harm matter - at least if you look at it through an SLR ;-)

(25 photos)

Some random photos:
Old Brick Wall Balconies Rust and Sea Wreck Windmill

Latest news:

Downtown Tallinn

Having lived in Tallinn now for about 8 months, I decided to publish some photos I have taken in the downtown area of the city.

7 countries, 19 landscapes

Partly because of moving from Italy to Estonia, I have visited several countries recently. Some of the landscapes have attracted me a lot, so I turned them into an exhibition.

Visiting Macchia Grande

11 photos may not be many, but they give an idea of what Macchia Grande (very close to Rome international airport) has to offer.

Capturing Italy

My first 100% digital exhibition. Digital photography is easy and fun - well, let's say it is fun.

New platform

New version of EE was taken into use to run the gallery. Again, Pekka Saarinen has made a wonderful job. Please report all errors you may find.

Changes to True Life

Noise/grain has been filtered from the images. 4 new photos were added.

True Life

Finally, on Christmas Eve, I got a new exhibition published. Some photos will be added later (but they need to be scanned first ;-).

Portfolio exhibition created

After trying to come up with a theme for an exhibition for a bit too long, I just selected some photos that had attracted my mind and turned them into an exhibition.

(currently 319 photos online)

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